Mastering, Mixing & Producing

// Some reviews from my customers

  • Excellent job, as always. A must if you want your track to be loud, clear and detailed. Eric will do the last touch to bring out your tracks full potential and energy. G.K.
  • Great attention on the details, I hadn´t received and feedback from any mastering engineer until Eric, really committed and involved into your    tracks. S.G.
  • Simply the best, has become a mentor for my productions and respect him very much. A.F.
  • Another gret master by Eric. Having him as collaborator has taken my projects to the next level. B.S.
  • Eric is the mastering engineer I´ve been looking for. He really has brought my songs to life, much more than any other engineer I have worked  with in the past. For Electronic/Techno/EDM music he is a master at his craft. M.L.
  • Eric always nailing it with his mastering skills! M.M
  • Eric is extremely professional from the start to finish. Very valuable input and feedback as well as super quick turnaround. Every query or question I had was promptly answered which filles me with confidence that I was going to receive professional service and he did not disappoint.
  • Very pleased with Eric´s service. Excellent communication and quick turnaround. I plan to use him for a lot of my projects. Highly recommend.
  • What can I say, another great master from a great engineer. Eric does not shy away from giving you much needed advice on your mix prior to mastering to get a perfect sound you want.

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