Mastering, Mixing & Producing

// Coaching

You have spent many hours / days on your production but:

- your mix still does not sound fat?

- The arrangement is boring and lacks tension?

- all in all you cannot compete with the big producers?

Then I highly recommend a coaching, where we can dive deep into your production. I will teach you my workflow and tricks after 30 years of producing and my experience of how to work best with Ableton Live and the Plug Ins. I also did so, when I started this journey; learn from those who have the knowledge and long time experience.

Possible topics to cover:

- Ableton Live workflows

- Music production tips and tricks

- Arrangements 

- Sound Design

- Composition

- Mixing Techniques

- Working with Effects (compressors, eqs, etc.)

- Mentoring

We can start a track right from the beginning, or work on your production to make it sound professional. The coaching is a very individual way to get your track to the next level. It´s done via ZOOM. 

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